Taxi Butler attended the European Radio Taxi Association

Taxi Butler, one click taxi booking device for hotels, bars, and restaurants sponsored and attended the European Radio Taxi Association (ERTA) conference in Glasgow on May 25 and 26, 2017. ERTA is a select group of highly technical taxi companies who meet annually. Commonality between all members of the group is advanced IT, despatch and back-office systems and a modern and progressive outlook to the taxi business.

Taxi Butler co-founder Otto Ruys spoke to the attendees about Taxi Butler’s rapid growth and the positive tangible benefits of Taxi Butler for taxi companies. It was amazing to receive an overwhelming response from the attendees, our customers, and partners about our products and services.

Taxi Butler is currently operating in more than 45+ countries across six continents and facilitates thousands of taxi rides each day. With Taxi Butler, you can order a taxi with just one click!

In pictures: