Taxi Order Button for Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

TAXI ORDER BUTTON Taxi Butler is the solution for hotels, bars and restaurants to book a taxi. With just one push of a button receptionists can order a taxi; in this way they experience an excellent booking comfort and your Taxi Company generates more rides, revenue and customer loyalty.
TAXI ORDER BUTTON FOR HOTELS AND RESTAURANTSTaxis are a popular way of travelling from "A" to "B". Millions of customers use taxis every year, in every city on the planet. Because competition from other taxi companies can be intense, we developed a taxi booking device: Taxi Butler. Taxi Butler is an innovative taxi booking button, which is designed in collaboration with TomTom – that’s easy, fast, simple and transparent. Our taxi order button is commonly found in restaurants, hotels, bars and large office buildings where a receptionist or another employee can use it to book a taxi on behalf of a third party with just one button press!
OUR TAXI BOOKING DEVICE MAKES IT EASIER! Our taxi booking device differentiates itself from other taxi apps by its simplicity, usability and transparency. When hotels, bars and restaurants use our taxi alternative app, passengers are guaranteed a trip with licensed taxi drivers. The hotel booking kiosk also reduces the queues at reception by making it faster for staff to book taxis. In this way our taxi kiosk will minimalize stress and frustration during the order process. This ensures peace and oversight for both passengers and the receptionists. This way, our taxi button for hotels and restaurants makes it easy and pleasant for each and everyone to start their journey.
SMALL TAXI ORDER BOX, WITH HUGE BENEFITS! This taxi dispatch software device has a lot of benefits for you and your taxi company. Let’s sum them up:
  • Time saver – Ordering a taxi via telephone takes time, especially if you are put on hold for several minutes. People working in busy bars, restaurants and at hotel receptions don’t have the time to waste making phone calls during busy hours. This taxi booking device cuts down the time it takes to order a taxi for a customer significantly, which improves service.
  • More customers – Because this taxi booker for hotels and restaurants is so quick and easy, employees will be more inclined to offer guests and visitors use of a taxi service, which in turn will increase your business turnover.
  • Customer service – This taxi booking device is ideal for corporate environments where professionalism is paramount and clients should not be kept waiting for a taxi.
  • Customer loyalty – Many customers use taxis on a regular basis. If they know that a venue has a concierge taxi booker in place, it will encourage them to return to that venue rather than going somewhere else where they might have to wait much longer for a taxi.
  • Reduced costs – This taxi order box is cheaper than a call centre.
HOW DOES OUR TAXI BOOKING DEVICE WORK? This taxi device couldn’t be easier to use. Instead of making a telephone call, this rugged taxi kiosk allows receptionist to book a taxi with one buttons press from their location (hotel, bar, restaurant, business). A connection is made with the taxi company dispatch software and a taxi is ordered for the venue. An Estimated Time of Arrival is shown on the taxi device so the customer knows exactly how long it will take for the taxi to arrive. The customer can be kept updated as regular updates are sent back to the taxi booking device. Once the taxi has arrived, the taxi order box interface will indicate the arrival via a visual alert and the customer can then be notified. It’s that easy!
WHO IS OUR TAXI ORDER BUTTON SUITABLE FOR? This taxi booking device is intended as a taxi button for hotels and restaurants. But this taxi app alternative is basically suitable for any place where a person may need to call a taxi to transport them from "A" to "B".
Of course, bars and restaurants are ideal locations for the installation of this taxi button since these are venues where alcohol is served and customers may prefer not to drink and drive.
Hotels too are excellent locations for our taxi order box as guests often need a taxi service to take them to local transport hubs.
PRICE & COSTS There are several different price plans for our taxi dispatch software device. The minimum is a pilot project of 2 weeks that is free of charge.

From then onwards you can hire our taxi app alternative per month. Contact us or your software provider for your personal quotation.