Taxi booking tech that
everyone loves

Taxi fleets, just like yours, are already:

  • Generating on avg. 33 monthly bookings with each device1
  • Letting people book their taxis in just a few seconds
  • Installing devices and QR codes in just 10 mins
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How Taxi Butler works with your fleet

Place taxi bookers in and around your town

Setup your Taxi Butler account and configure the taxi booking service for your local businesses. We arrange the integration between your dispatch system and Taxi Butler.

Place Taxi Butler devices and Guest QR inside venues. It’s perfect for venues that you already work with, and for new ones. Find new venues easily with our Venue Creator tool.

Explain the super simple booking process to venue staff and give them an instruction sheet (you’ll receive them with your devices).

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“We deployed Taxi Butlers in local businesses, giving our clients immediate access to all our cars. Our taxis are now just one button away!”

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  • πŸ’‘As well as hotels, bars and restaurants, look for venues like casino’s and airports, as, on average, they generate 49% more bookings per device.

Make booking your taxis as simple as possible

Push the button on a device or scan a Guest QR code. A booking is sent to your drivers through your integrated dispatch system.

A nearby drivers accepts and confirms the booking. The arrival time and driver info will be shared with the user.

Your driver arrives outside the location to pick up the guest.

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“All Taxi Butler bookings go straight into our dispatch system. Meaning they require less attention from our call centre and increase our automate rates!”

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Analyze and improve

Discover best and worst performing venues to optimize your placements. Add venues, switch devices, search for bookings, and see conversions. It’s all possible with the Management Portal.

Generate and download statistics and reports to share with stakeholders and make data-driven decisions.

Make decisions and growth plans for improving your Taxi Butler placement. Switch devices and QRs to new locations, add more devices and grow.

Keep connecting local venues to your network and fleet to grow, retain and maintain your market share. Expand into new areas in your town.

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“From the sleek design of the tech itself, to the quality stats in the Portal, Taxi Butler’s technology has helped us achieve our ultimate vision.”

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Power your taxi company with
purpose-built taxi booking technology

One-click bookings

One-click cancellations

Multiple taxi types

Simultaneous bookings

Driver info and ETAs

Taxi Butler ONE

A simple taxi booking device with two buttons, one to book and one to cancel.

Taxi Butler PRO

An advanced taxi booking device with a touchscreen for more complex bookings.


Next-generation taxi QR code to receive bookings from anywhere inside venues.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Start by placing Taxi Butler or Guest QR codes. Place the taxi bookers at venues like hotels, bars, and restaurants.
  2. Generating more automated bookings with a simple booking process provided by our technology.
  3. Analyze and understand how your Taxi Butlers are performing in different venues.
  4. Improve, adapt and perfect the stream of bookings from local venues.

Guest QR and the devices can handle as many bookings as you like. You can configure a limit for each device individually in the Management Portal. This helps you control the demand from any one device.

All of our technology gives users the ability to cancel their bookings. For the devices, users can cancel bookings from the device itself. For the ONE it’s using a button, for the PRO it’s using the touchscreen, and for Guest QR, users can cancel from directly from the booking interface.

To booking process differs on our hardware products, the ONE and PRO, from Guest QR’s online booking interface.

For the hardware, users just click on a physical button to book a taxi, in some cases on the PRO, a destination and passenger info can be made required.

For Guest QR, users scan a QR code and enter a destination along with some information like name and phone number, and track their taxi to the venue.

The ONE device can display 7 bookings at a time. The PRO shows all the bookings, which can be viewed on the touchscreen by scrolling up and down.

We’re integrated with nearly every dispatch systems on the market, including iCabbi, Autocab, SmartMove, Cab9 and MTI. See more here.

The ONE, PRO and Guest QR all have multiple languages available, it differs per technology. All technology include English, German, Dutch and Spanish languages.

With the Taxi Butler ONE and PRO, each booking is a given a reference number, to be communicated to the passenger and which is sent to the driver automatically. This number enables both parties to ensure the right passenger gets into the right taxi. Additionally, the Taxi Butler PRO can be configured to collect a passenger name and phone number which adds another verification level. With Guest QR, passengers can track their taxi right to the venue and ensure they get into the right vehicle.

Indeed they can. Generally, devices are placed at reception, to be used by reception staff, which tends to reduce the misuse of the device (fake bookings, pressing the button to try it out, etc.)

To prevent this, taxi fleets can configure a maximum amount of bookings per device at any one time. Training venue staff on the correct usage of the device also minimizes misuse.

1On average, Taxi Butler technology can help to generate 33 bookings per device per month.