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What is the Management Portal?

Our service always includes the Management Portal; a unique feature that enables you to have full and remote control of all your Taxi Butlers 24/7.Once you have registered and setup your Taxi Butlers, the devices will immediately appear in your Management Portal. From here, you can manage your Taxi Butlers using the various functions made available to you.

Key Functions of the Management Portal

Full Control
The Management Portal provides taxi companies with full control of their devices, a detailed overview of their venues, and the ability to change device settings remotely.
Taxi Butler Statistics
This function allows users to monitor their devices’ performance in each venue. You can quickly view the number of successful, cancelled, and failed trips.
Block a Taxi Butler
Should the unthinkable happen and a Taxi Butler is stolen, you can block the device on your Management Portal.
Venue Details
Easily change and update venue details like the name, contact number, and address.
Message to driver
Add extra information to help drivers when they pick up customers from the venue.
Every device
Compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Risk free trial period of 30 days

To sum up:
  • We will send you 5 or 10 Taxi Butlers (depending on your fleet size).
  • We will connect the Taxi Butlers to your dispatch software.
  • Unlimited access to our management & statistics portal.
  • Trial the Taxi Butlers with a selection of your customers (hotels, bars & restaurants).
  • After one month you let us know if you want to continue with our products & service.