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Uber presses pause on primary taxi service in Finland until 2018

Publication:Uber presses pause on primary taxi service in Finland until 2018, Uber is pulling its primary service out of Finland as it waits for a law that will deregulate the taxi market to be passed. The cab firm, which exclusively operates...
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TomTom and Cisco partner to create ‘next generation’ traffic monitoring tech

Publication: Venture beat, Network tech titan Cisco is working with TomTom to research and develop what the two are calling an “ultra-fast lane level traffic technology” that supports autonomous driving. To read the article click here
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London’s Iconic Black Cab Company Rebrands for Electric Future

Publication: Bloomberg Technology, Hundreds of London’s black cabs will start appearing on the roads of Amsterdam next year, powered by batteries instead of diesel fuel, marking the first international sale for Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd.’s new electric taxi. To read the...
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