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Future of Real Time On-Demand Taxi Solutions

Publication: Tech Featured. With the changing needs and advancement in the technology, people have shifted to asking for on-demand transportation services, which means that they want flexible routing with ad-hoc scheduling. The best part about on-demand transport is that...
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Leading Shanghai, Beijing Taxi Firms Join Fleets to Counter Didi

Publication: Caixin Online. Two of China’s largest state-owned taxi operators said on 14 November 2016 they will pool their private car service platforms, creating a network with nearly 8,000 vehicles as they move to counter the challenge from private-sector rival...
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You Can’t Stop Disruption – But You Can Learn From It

Publication: Huffpost Tech, Uber is only one example of technology disrupting traditional industries, and challenging established business models. In much the same way, Airbnb is disrupting the hospitality and hotel sector; Skype has changed the telecoms sector forever, and...
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