Category: Taxi Industry Newsletter – October 2016

Lyft’s Road to Profitability

Publication: The Wall Street Journal, An interview with President John Zimmer who predicts the ride-sharing industry is approaching a turning point. Also, read on to know John Zimmers thoughts on how the company will handle the competitive ride-sharing market...
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Lyft’s cofounder has his own vision for a self-driving taxi fleet | Interview

Publication: Quartz, An interview with Lyft’s Zimmer where Quartz & Zimmer discuss how Lyft plans on bringing autonomous cars to US roads and how that plan differs from competitors like Uber, and what will happen to human drivers when...
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Paris to trial ‘flying’ river taxis in the Seine next year, as London misses the boat

Publication: The Telegraph, Made of fibreglass and high-density foam, the solar energy-powered vessels can carry five people and, with the help of foils fixed to the hulls that reduce drag and cause the shuttle to “float” about two foot...
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Why China’s cities want stricter rules for Its $73B ride-hailing market

Publication: Taxi Times, Forbes business magazine reports that China might have officially legalized online ride-hailing services just a few months ago, but now it’s making a U-turn. Its biggest cities are proposing new regulations that might curb the growth...
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