Category: Taxi Industry Newsletter – June 2017

Innovation Is as Much About Finding Partners as Building Products

Publication: Harvard Business Review, Have you ever stopped to ponder the true complexities involved with trying to create a viable, safe, autonomous vehicle? The innovation alone is a herculean task, but imagine being that upstart pioneer trying to develop...
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Daimler’s MyTaxi to Buy Clever Taxi for Pan-European Service

Publication: Zacks, Daimler AG’s fully owned subsidiary, MyTaxi has agreed to buy its Romanian counterpart, Clever Taxi. The news was reported in Reuters. MyTaxi will acquire the company to facilitate a pan-European service against its rival, Uber Technologies. To...
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What’s the fate of Mumbai’s Kaali-Peeli?

Publication: Taxi Times, The legendary black-and-yellow cabs, locally known as the ‘Kaali Peeli’ have been around for more than one hundred years in Mumbai. While we can still see the roads swarmed with these, the pride of the Kaali-Peeli...
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Barcelona Cab Licenses Yielding 500% Boost Uber in Spain

Publication: Bloomberg, Spain’s best-performing investment over the last 30 years may be the black-and-yellow cab you hailed the last time you were in Barcelona. The secondary-market value of a license to operate a taxi in the Catalan capital rose 503 percent...
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