Category: Taxi Industry Newsletter – August 2017

Taxi Butler predicts taxi industry expansion by end of 2021

Publication: TaxiPoint, The coronavirus pandemic has left an indelible mark on our livelihoods. Hotel and travel industries, for example, may take several years to recover. Like any other primary sector, the taxi sector became a target of the pandemic...
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Hailing an Uber in Hong Kong? A taxi might be cheaper

Publication: Quartz, Uber often brags that hailing an UberX is “cheaper than a taxi.” But in Hong Kong, that’s no longer necessarily the case. The ride-hailing company announced today a significant price hike in Hong Kong that raises minimum fares by...
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Can Didi out-network Uber to win the global ridesharing market?

Publication: TechCrunch, Lately, news from the ridesharing industry seems to come in one of two flavors. There’s salacious coverage of the ongoing cultural and leadership woes of the industry’s current (and perhaps temporary) reigning champion, Uber. Meanwhile, every month...
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