Humanistic Capitalism

Co-creating a sustainable environment
May 11, 2021

What happens when you give back to the environment?

Every passing year is teaching us the importance of life, not just that of humans but for other species too. Our activities and choices have been responsible for the drastic change in the natural world.

While we are always waiting for the world leaders to sort out the environmental issues for us we have saviors emerging from the simplest of backgrounds taking their solo first steps to nurture nature like how nature nurtures us.

Here is a video of one such savior of the planet that inspired us deeply to write this article - Afroz Shah.

Afroz took a simple step of cleaning one beach in Mumbai (India) of all the garbage and cleaning many more beaches - this led to thousands of volunteers following him and supporting him in mass cleaning of many other beaches and 20 million tons of garbage lifted off the beach. Afroz started this revolution with a simple goal “every polluter must become a protector” and the outcome of it was a cleaner beach and highlight was the return of hundreds of turtles that had disappeared for nearly 20-35 years back in the bay.

The vision is to get closer to restoring the natural habitat closer to the way it was when the humans first found it. These saviors showcase the strength of taking their first step alone with determination and endurance that successively connects thousands and millions of followers around the globe to strive towards the ONE cause - Positively contributing to a healthier planet and reconnecting all the species to live in harmony. A healthier planet where we are consciously aware of the existence of other species - the species on whom humans are heavily dependent and not vice versa.

So, what can we do to co-create along with nature?

All of us can be the saviors; To start like Afroz says “join the ones who are already doing something” and/or here are a few simple changes we can make in our daily life;

  • Always reduce, reuse, and recycle as many things as possible.
  • Take initiative to clean up not just our home but also the surroundings
  • Plant a tree today with e.g. TreeSisters that we support with Butler United
  • Choose healthy, sustainable, and organic food products when possible and have a lifestyle change by adopting to a plant based diet: Eat less meat and eat less fish and for more insights on this you can reach out to Steven.
  • Protect one square meter forever for €1.20 where Butler United already bought space to be protected.
  • Shop wisely and consciously - Implement a Shop Stop which was initiated by Greta Thunberg
  • Switch each week a normal meat-eating day to a plant based one which e.g. Otto is doing with his family
    • It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce just 1 pound of meat, but it takes just 25 gallons to grow 1 pound of wheat.
    • You save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you do by not showering for 6 (six) months!
    • If you eat just one plant-based meal a day for a year, you’ll save almost 200,000 gallons of water.
  • Travel by public transport such as train vs. car/flying. For instance, when we travel to the neighbouring countries we take the train since it is as quickly and saves a ton of CO2
    • Rail travel accounts for 14 grams of CO2 emissions per passenger mile, which is dwarfed by the 285 grams generated by air travel, and the 158 grams per passenger miles from journeys in cars.
  • Impart and learn more about how to bring positive changes to the environment by reading and watching e.g. A life on Earth by David Attenborough which a lot of people within Butler United have already seen.

We hope this article motivates us to do better in caring for the environment and leaving a healthier & happier planet for our future generations.

Written with love by Shilpa & Steven.