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Great to work with you!

First of all, on behalf of the Taxi Butler Team, we want to Thank you!With your help, we now provide our taxi booking device in more than 45 countries on 6 continents and they are generating thousands of orders daily.

We have all the API details

Taxi Butler has all the API details. We will provide the API details to the new dispatch company when they want to integrate.

Steps involved in API integration

To finalize the integration and use the Taxi Butlers please follow the steps outlined below:
  • Fill in the API request form.
  • Our technical team will get in touch with you to complete the integration.
  • We will send you a demo Taxi Butler and request you to register the Taxi Butler.
  • After successfully completing the integration we will be in touch to arrange the contract & start working together.


Request for API details

Contact our development and technical team:

You can always reach out to our technical team via or call us on +31 20 89 43 897 or directly get in touch with our Technology Manager.
Mats Arends Technology Manager

We are connected with more than 70 dispatch providers