Taxi Butler PRO

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Taxi Butler PRO

The Taxi Butler PRO has a touch screen with extended booking options.

Features of Taxi Butler PRO

  • Taxi Butler PRO allows you to order a taxi or minibus/van with just press of a button.
  • You can add customer phone number and destination.
  • You can make taxi orders with a specific time or pre-book a taxi.
  • You can also add an additional vehicle type like minibus, limousine or any other vehicle type your fleet consists of.
  • You can order multiple taxis/ additional vehicle types from one single Taxi Butler.
  • You will receive live updates on estimated time of arrival, reference numbers, vehicle details on the screen of the Taxi Butler.
  • If needed, you can cancel a taxi or the minibus/van anytime.
  • You will have full control of all your taxi booking devices via our online management portal with access to statistics and monitoring tools which help in keeping a record of orders.
  • Connectivity: GPRS/3G/4G and Wifi.
  • Screen Size: 4.9″ touchscreen.

Taxi Butler PRO Availability

The Taxi Butler PRO is built with a technology that works all over the world.


Risk free trial period of 30 days

To sum up:

  • We will send you 5 or 10 Taxi Butlers (depending on your fleet size)
  • We will connect the Taxi Butlers to your dispatch software.
  • Unlimited access to our management & statistics portal.
  • Trial the Taxi Butlers with a selection of your customers (hotels, bars & restaurants).
  • After one month you let us know if you want to continue with our products & service.

We will contact you for further details