Fair Use Policy of the Taxi Butler service

Fair Use PolicyTaxi Butler’s Fair Use Policy applies to all Purchasers of the Taxi Butler connectivity services but will only affect your company if your company is one of the very few who make inappropriate or excessive use of our services.
The Fair Use Policy is the following: The vast majority of our customers use the connectivity services considerately and their usage levels do not disproportionately affect the shared network capacity. Only a very small number of our customers use the services inappropriately, for example by removing the sim-card out of the hardware device and use it for other purposes as permitted. As a result of this excessive use the quality of the connectivity services for all Purchasers may be affected. Our Fair Use Policy manages inappropriate and/or excessive use and makes sure the connectivity services can be used by.
Taxi Butler’s Fair Use policy works in the following way: Your company is responsible for the proper use of the connectivity services that come along with our hardware devices.If your company regularly uses the connectivity services inappropriately and/or excessively and we believe this is affecting our services, your company will be notified about this usage and will be asked to change or decrease this kind of usage. If your company continues to use the services inappropriately Taxi Butler reserves the right to suspend (a part of) the connectivity services or to terminate the connectivity services, with prior notice.