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Cliquez tout simplement sur le bouton du Taxi Butler pour commander un taxi

Cliquez tout simplement sur le bouton du Taxi Butler pour commander un taxi Les Taxi Butlers sont placés dans des restaurants, bars, hôtels et réceptions d’entreprises. Lorsque des clients désirent un taxi, ils peuvent le commander en un clic. Plusieurs taxis peuvent être commandés avec un seul Taxi Butler.

La commande est traitée en quelques secondes

Les Taxi Butlers sont directement connectés à votre système d’envoi et la commande est traitée en quelques secondes. Les clients reçoivent les détails concernant le chauffeur en direct.

Le Taxi Butler donne une alerte visuelle

Quand le taxi arrive, les clients reçoivent une alerte visuelle. Cela permet d'économiser du temps et ainsi améliore l'efficacité du chauffeur.
  • Since our inception the vision of ACT Cabs has been to provide our Canberran community with a taxi service that is amongst the best in Australia, and globally. Taxi Butler has become a major part of our service offerings to our business customers. From the sleek design of the Butler itself, to the quality statistics communicated to our team on the portal, Taxi Butler’s technology has enabled us to come closer to achieving our ultimate vision.
    Hamza Muhammad, Managing Director at ACT Cabs
  • Taxi Butler team is really helpful and always finds a solution for any problem. We started with a free pilot of 5 and then quickly scaled up. We have placed the Taxi Butlers in hotels and in restaurants and they love the technology and are very impressed.
    Roland Ghanem, Deputy General Manager, AlloTaxi
  • What a great idea the Taxi Butler is! Thank you so much for letting us use this method. Massive help to us at the weekends especially.
    Doubletree Hilton Hotel & Spa
  • We deployed Taxi Butlers at hotels, hospitals, cafés, giving our clients immediate access to all 550 Taxis Verts cars. Taxi Butler saves them time as they don’t have to call for a taxi anymore. It’s a straight forward system that allows us to be competitive & customer friendly. Our taxis are now just one button away!
    Jean-Michel Courtoy - Taxis Verts Brussels
  • With the free pilot we placed Taxi Butlers at 5 different locations & were surprised to see the high response. We have added more devices to our list. It is easy to use & is integrated with Autocab. We now save time & call-center costs.
    Aqeel Arshad - StreetCars Manchester
  • We started with free pilot & placed devices at hotels, bars & restaurants. The Taxi Butlers started generating jobs quickly. All our valued customers has a device. Easy to use & fully integrated with our dispatch system. It increases our service level while saving time & call-center costs. Highly recommended.
    Jon Kolymvas - United Taxis Bournemouth
  • Taxi Butler are great to work with, after a successful pilot we have rolled out the Butlers. Great product!
    Gav Sokhi - Skyline Taxis
  • Taxi Butler saves us time and hassle in our taxi ordering process. And best of all, we can extend our quality service to all of our clients with just one press on the button
    Taxi Centrale Amsterdam

Taxi Butler travaille avec des partenaires dans le monde entier

Les Taxi Butlers sont connectés à plus de 40 systèmes d’envoi différents. Regardez nos partenaires.
We’ve chosen to be powered by TomTom Maps Online Routing API to provide the best in-class ETAs to our customers.
And more international clients and partners in 40+ countries

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  • Vous testez les Taxi Butlers gratuitement pendant 30 jours
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