Taxi Butler
Thé taxi booking device.

Ordering a taxi became smooth and easy!

Bars & restaurants
Bars & restaurants
Company receptions
Company receptions

About Taxi Butler

Taxi Butler is a global leader in B2B taxi booking solutions, serving customers in 40+ countries across 6 continents!


How Taxi Butler works?

Taxi Butler is a device to order a taxi with one click and it is very easy to understand. The taxi company can set the Taxi Butler device to the specific location, such as restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, company receptions & so on.

The receptionist at these locations can just press the button to order the taxi. The display will show that a taxi has been requested & as soon as the driver accepts the ride the arrival time and taxi details can be seen on the screen.

If needed, the taxi can also be canceled by pressing the little x button located on the upper left of the taxi button.

Who is Taxi Butler for?

Taxi Butler is catered for taxi companies, dispatch software suppliers, & taxi applications. 

Risk free trial period of 30 days

To sum up:

  • We will send you 5 or more Taxi Butlers (depending on your fleet size).
  • Taxi Butlers will be connected to your dispatch software.
  • Unlimited access to our management & statistics portal.
  • Trial the Taxi Butlers with a selection of your customers (hotels, bars & restaurants).
  • After one month you let us know if you want to continue with our products & service.

We will contact you for further details