London cabs to hit Europe’s streets next year

Publication: The Taxi Times,

Every time the Coventry-based taxi-industry launches a new vehicle, the well-oiled British PR-machine trumpets that this ‘worldbeater’ will be selling all over the world. The sad reality so far though, is that most London taxis built by the London Taxi Company and its predecessors were sold in Great Britain. Outside the country the cabs proved way too expensive, over-engineered (who needs the 7 m. plus tight turning-circle in Europe?) and the company’s after sales service proved dramatically bad. Many operators of London cabs drove to the UK to have their cabs serviced or even personally picked up parts from the factory in Coventry. Here is another story – this time by the Daily Star – singing the praises of the next ‘worldbeater’ to be launched by Coventry.

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