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Quarter 2 of 2023

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0.6% weekly growth

Q2 2023 saw an average week-over-week growth of 0.6% in taxi bookings worldwide.

3.1% less bookings

In Q2 2023, there was a 3.1% decrease in bookings compared to Q1 2023.

5.3% more bookings

UK&IE saw a month-over-month increase of 5.3% in bookings.

How’s the industry looking in your region? ?

Discover how UK & Ireland, ANZ, North America and Europe performed last quarter.

A change to how we calculate this data ?

This quarter, we changed the way we calculate the data on these reports. For improved accuracy, revelancy and comparison, we’re aggregating the data slightly differently.

Global taxi booking data 📊

Q2 2023 in context

How does look Q2 2023 look compared to the last 12 months?

Graph #1: Line chart showing the average global B2B taxi bookings from the last 12 months compared to the same period of the previous year.

3.1% less bookings than Q1 2023

In Q2 2023, there was a 3.1% decrease in bookings compared to Q1 2023.

11.4% more bookings in May

In May 2023, the average bookings increased by 11.4% compared to April 2023. Similarly, June 2023 showed a slight increase of 0.1% in bookings compared to May 2023.

A deep dive into last quarter

Weekly B2B taxi bookings throughout the quarter

Graph #1: Line chart showing the average global B2B taxi bookings from last quarter on a weekly basis and a comparison line for 2019, the last pre-COVID year, and 2022.

Week 26

Week 26 of last quarter observed the highest number of bookings in comparison to the other weeks.

Week 14

Week 14 saw the fewest number of bookings.

0.6% growth last quarter

The average week-over-week growth in Q2 2023 was 0.6%. Only weeks 14 and 24 witnessed a slight decline in bookings, while the rest of the weeks maintained a steady upward trend.

6.4% less than last year

Comparison with the same period last year, Q2 2023 saw 6.4% less bookings than Q2 2022.

17.3% less than 2019

Q2 2023 saw 17.3% less bookings than Q2 2019.

Best-performing types of venues

Bookings per type of venue

Graph #3: Bar chart comparing the average number of bookings for each venue type.

Casinos at the top ?

Casinos ranked at the top of all venue types with the most average bookings.

Rankings compared

# Venue type % Change # Change
1 Casinos -0.7% +1
2 Airports -2.8% -1
3 Supermarkets -2.6%
4 Hotels +11.7% +1
5 Nightclubs +28.5% +2

Changes shown are since the last quarter.

A glance at the regions

Bookings per region

Graph #4: Line chart comparing the average number of bookings for each of the regions.

5.3% growth for UK&IE

UK&IE experienced a notable 5.3% month-over-month growth, surpassing all other regions. Europe followed closely behind with a 3% increase, while North America achieved a 2.6% growth rate. ANZ experienced a decreased by 0.3%.

Rankings compared

# Region % Change
1 North America 13.8%
2 UK&IE 21.8%
3 Europe 5.7%
4 ANZ -2.8%

Changes shown are since the last quarter.

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Weekly B2B taxi bookings

Graph #5: Line chart showing the average B2B taxi bookings for the selected region from last quarter on a weekly basis and a comparison line for 2022.

0.8% growth

The average week over week growth in Q2 2023 was 0.8%

2.6% more than Q2 2022

2.6% higher average bookings in Q2 2023 than Q2 2022.

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