Growing with Taxi Butler

Pilot with 5 devices

If you are a taxi company with less than 60 cars you can trial for 2 weeks with 5 devices. You can extend the pilot to one month if you contact your account manager and he will confirm it via email.

Pilot with 10 devices

If you operate more than 60 cars you get 10 devices free of charge during the pilot period of one month.

Print the logo > 50 devices

Do you want to have your logo printed on the devices (instead of the Taxi Butler logo at the bottom right of the device)?If you take more than 50 devices we will offer it free of charge to you. If you want a logo but do not want to commit to 50+ devices than the price is €295 and 1euro per device.

Different color of the device > 100 devices

If you take more than 100 devices then we will coat the devices (which are now yellow) to any color you wish. If you want it coated anyway than the price is €9,80 per device (min. of 25 devices).

Introductions to others = rewards for you

If you introduce the Taxi Butler to e.g. another taxi company then for each device they rent from us you get a discount for the same number of devices on your next bill. So company "A" introduces the Taxi Butler to company "B" and tells us. When company "B" rent 25 devices from us then you get 25 discount on your next bill. Conditions:
  • You need to be a Taxi Butler customer
  • You need to tell us that you are going to make an intro and it can not be claimed later on
  • The contact is not yet a customer of Taxi Butler
  • You love win-win too!

Price levels

Taxi Butler has a very good monthly price offering concerning the service, support and hardware you receive. In the case you want us to look at the price levels, please be advised that in most cases your dispatch software supplier is setting final prices and not us.For enquiries please contact Steven Blom (one of the Taxi Butler co-founders) at