Batteries & Cables

Shipping them to customers

What can the Battery & Cable be used for?

Battery and cable can be used to power up the Taxi Butler device anytime and anywhere without having to find a power socket when you walk into a potential venue to showcase how the device works.

Please refer to the image below to see how the Taxi Butler looks when attached to the battery pack:

Specifications of the Batteries & Cables


Input: 5V via USB
Output: USB 5V / 2.1A
mAh: minimal should be 5200mAh.

Please see the below images to see how the Battery and cable will look,

Shipping Batteries & cables

The batteries can be bought locally with longer and shorter cables and that will save you shipping cost too (and sometimes the postal services are not happy that we ship lithium-ion batteries). Also, if requested, we can ship the Battery & Cable packs to you too.

For your reference we use the Kensington 5200mAh as it lasts for about 3 to 4 days: see link

You can also find few other batteries & cables online that are convenient to use:


The costing for the Battery packs is as follows,

  • The complete Battery pack with cable is €35/per pack.
  • Just the Battery without cable is a €30/per battery.
  • Just the cable is €5/per cable.
  • Shipping cost within Europe €29.50.
  • Shipping cost outside Europe €69.

If you would like to order please drop an email to us at: